Spring Catch Up

I’ve been pretty lazy lately; Only from a blogging standpoint though. It’s been a while since my last post and lots has happened. I finished the spring race season with a 30k and a 10k, took a good chunk of rest time and have been working at persuing some new goals in my career. All told in good time here! Stay with me….

My last race was the Chilly Half. A solid performance in cold weather. I was happy. I felt quick. The plan coach Rick had put me on was working and other than a couple of days missed for sickness, I was on track for the A race, Around The Bay 30k. Race day came and it was pretty similar to the year before. Cold at first, most people over dressed and the heat came out to play later. I stuck with my gut and rocked the shorts with a long sleeve and the Grand River Endurance singlet. The race itself was actually pretty uneventful. I ran a consistent, well executed race and for the first time, a big race by myself. I had no one really to stay on pace with except for a few runners in the last 2-3km which was a nice push when the going was tough. The last 4k were a doozie with big headwinds. We took turns drafting.

 I finished the race, cheered on by friends and GRE team mates with a time of 2:03:29, a personal best of 8:41 over last year’s race and almost 20 minutes faster than two years ago. Happy was an understatement. Next time, that sub 2 hour mark will be a good goal to shoot for. With Boston next year though, Around a The Bay may have to wait. Thanks to my friends at Tribe Fitness for the pics!


Coach Rick and I had planned for me to run the Toronto Yonge Street 10K only three weeks later. Usually after a big race I take at least a month off but recovery from ATB went well so I had the green light to race TYS10K. Coach Suggested a target around 37:20-37:30. I went out comfortable. A decent day but, again, windy. especially between the taller buildings in downtown Toronto. We didn’t have the wind at our backs until about 8k. At the 5k mark I noticed my split. 19:15… “hmph”, I thought. “I’m too comfortable to be halfway into this race.” So I turned it up. Way up. I was moving at a good clip for the second half of the race. My splits for each kilometre of the race were 3:46, 3:33, 3:53, 3:34, 3:54 (turn up the pace, Mike!) 3:38, 3:30, 3:31,3:37,3:29. I finished with a 37:31 another personal best. Good call, Coach!

I was really happy with that last 5k. My watch measured the course a little too long. About 300 meters. According to the course splits, I ran a 1 minute negative split (that means the second split was faster). Now, according to my watch, if we ignore that extra 300 meters, I ran a 17:45 in the last 5K which would be a personal best. It was nice to see everyone at both races. The running community is strong and it’s always fun to watch other people smash their goals. Team GRE had a great showing too. Both Josh and Heather placed in their age groups. Tanis who was recovering from an injury was great support at The Bay and Yonge Street.


Next for me is a local 5k in Woodstock this coming weekend. We’ll see if I can duplicate the end of Yonge Street’s performance again. My race schedule has been updated although some dates and races are not 100% yet. I decided after a few weeks of down time to work on shorter distances and speed this summer instead of a marathon build. I’ve done a summer build for the last two years and need to switch things up. What is for sure is that I will be running the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half-Marathon. The idea is to work on the turn over so that come this winter, I’ll be a bit more speedy and ready for a build towards the Boston Marathon next spring. I suck at track work, at least that’s how I feel, so it’s time to even the playing field for endurance and speed. Hopefully this will make me a more well rounded runner. Until next time friends, I’ll leave you with the new Grand River Endurance motto: Think Fast Be Fast. 


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