Eaton’s Downtown Dash 5k – Race Recap

I’m a little behind on recapping here. I raced my first ever 5k almost two weeks ago on July 17th in Burlington. Eaton’s Downtown Dash is a fairly popular race. It’s on a weekday evening and still had a deep field for both 5 and 10k distances. Coach Rick and I made a plan to race a 5k a couple of months ago simply because I had never done one and I needed a bit of filler for the summer to keep me motivated.

When I first started running I went right into 10ks so it was about time I worked backwards a little and tried a 5k out. In the past I figured it made more sense to pay only an extra $5-10 and get another whole 5k to race. 5k is an animal of it’s own though, as I found out. <20 minutes of shear agony. The atmosphere was great. Lots of local Brant area runners out including Coach and several other of his athletes. Going in I had a conservative game plan to run sub 19 minutes, planning 3:48/k which just snuck me in at 18:59. I warmed up with Derek Flint and John Anderson who are two great local guys. They’ve got some serious kick and told me to avoid the hype at the start or the whole race could be a blow-out.

The race went well. I went out a bit quick being near the front but it didn’t end up feeling too bad. Splits were:
3:33, 3:57, 3:53, 3:44, 3:38
This gave me a finish of 18:47. Average pace 3:45/k, 23rd overall and 4th in 20-24 age group. For my first 5k? I’ll take it.
Overall I’m glad I could push down the last two k and come in a little quicker than planned. 5k is painful! Looking at this race after, I realised I had never run that fast for that long consecutively ever! Hello new speed record. It was nice to feel some race hurt again. I had been in a bit of a funk since Ottawa.

Local Brantford area runners

There’s much more work to be done in the 5k and related distances. I had a chat post race with Coach Rick about focusing on shorter distances next year. I think working on some speed will make me a better runner and will overall help the longer distances too. I know I have the endurance, but a real good sprint is something I’m still warming up to.

My best buddy Shea always comes out to support me :)

My best buddy Shea always comes out to support me 🙂

Next for me is Rock The Road 10k in London on August 17th. If you’ve never run it before it’s a fast, flat and fun 10k. There’s live music on the race route and beer garden at the finish. Also, expect a blog mid-August as a part of the STWM Digital Champion program!


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